Force of Attraction
Gravity Media - is a full cycle advertising agency. We provide a range of services for media communication planning. Rocket Astronavt 1 Astronavt 2 Astronavt 3 Astronavt 4 Astronavt 5 Astronavt 6

Depending on the goals of the advertising campaign and the estimated budget, we will select the surface at the right time. Organization and control of outdoor advertising.


Expanding the address programs choice at the expense of other operator’s networks.


Recommendations and assistance in the effective themes development. Adaptation of layouts for different formats of outdoor advertising. Services Services

This is a tool to attract customers who are ready to order a service, leave a request, buy a product.

A wide variety of PPC settings gives you the opportunity to show advertisements exclusively for your target audience.

Gravity Media services consist in attracting visitors who will not only recover the expenses of the advertising campaign, but also bring profit to the business.

PPC in Gravity Media includes:

  • Technical project preparation;
  • setting goals of the AC;
  • forecasting results;
  • creation and start-up of the AC;
  • AC adjustment based on analytics results;
  • AC indicators control;
  • Conversion Rate Optimization;
  • Analysis through web analytics systems selected by KPI and ROI.

Promotion of goods and services using social media (Facebook, Instagram).

The main goal of SMM is to increase awareness of your brand, high interest in your product, as well as continuous communication with existing and potential customers.

Working in social networks with your audience, you will be able to improve your service by increasing the level of trust among consumers.


Consulting and projects practical support in all areas of the media market - television, cinema, press, new media, radio


Brandbook development, corporate identity creation, corporate colours, logo design.


Development of unique WEB projects on PHP Framework.

Creation of IT solutions for successful business, corporate websites, landing page, online stores with high rates.


Our goal is to get maximum profit with minimum expenses.

Analysis of website traffic, traffic sources, KPI, marginal profit, practicability of advertising campaigns. Selection of the most effective advertising methods. Process adjustment. Conducting A/B tests and implementing improvements.

Analytics and Consulting in Gravity Media is an effective hint on how to start and in which direction to move. Our experts will advise you on any subject: what kind of advertising is suitable specifically for your business, what to do and what budget is needed.


The purpose of CRO-audit is to find all errors on the site that reduce sales, as well as to make a plan for the implementation of improvements.

Gravity Media's CRO audit is:

Identification of pages incomprehensible to the user.

Correction of functional errors of the site.

Search for causes of high bounce rate.

Search for reasons for low site conversion.

Search for barriers on the way to the commission of the target action.

Making a plan for the implementation of improvements on the site to increase sales and minimize costs.


Setting the marketing goals and objectives, determining the perspective target audience, determining the competitive advantage and company positioning, determining the tools for the company promotion in the market.

PR (Public Relations) SERVICES+

Formation of the company's goodwill, brand, product or service reputation, and ideas on the scope of impact on the target audience. Services
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